After moving to Northern California I had a (re)discovery of my creative energies. Having worked at the International Center of Photograph in NYC as well as Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP in SF, I got a true look into higher education administration, student visas and immigration law. While that work was very rewarding I did not feel as connected to it as I thought I should. Even, while living in New York and working full time, I got up the nerve to ask the local flower shop if I could work on weekends and that stint with Emily Thompson Flowers sealed my true passion for floral design. Eventually, I had to leave the cubicle life behind and finally put my visual arts degree to work. After a brief but rich time with Banner Day Consulting, I began working at the two michelin starred SingleThread Farm, Restaurant and Inn. Being on the opening team of the restaurant allowed me to participate in developing a unique and robust in-house floral program. It is through this work that I found my self excitedly learning about the seasons of both cultivated and wild flora and uncovered my inherent passion for working with natural materials. I still have goals to reach, as I’d like to pick back up the camera again and work on getting over my decade old fear of the table saw, but Adeline Way has allowed me explore my best creative life. 

I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband Dan, of Pilot R&D and Render and our dog Gus. 



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